Vinnie Paz’s God of the Serengeti Nike Dunks by @FreakerSneaks

After making a pair of custom Nike Dunks for a big fan of Vinnie Paz, FreakerSneaks now made a pair to promote the Jedi Mind Tricks lyracist’s second solo album: God of the Serengeti. Like the first Vinnie Paz Dunks these have a detailed graphic on both sides. FreakerSneaks recreated the albums cover on the right shoe with a the rest of the details fitting in to the bloody scene them. A hand painted bloody dagger graces the left shoe while the red toe boxes mimic blood dripping out onto the sole and staining the laces. Lastly it is all in the details for FreakerSneaks as actual sand and rock is covering the back heel panel to complete the desert theme.

This pair was being given away on Vinnie Paz’s Facebook Page so check there to see if you can still win them. For more work from FreakerSneaks visit