Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks Custom Nike Dunks by FreakerSneaks


One of the top inspirations for a pair of custom sneakers are music videos. Here is a look at the latest video inspired custom kicks by FreakerSneaks based out of Athens, Greece. Themed from the group Jedi Mind Tricks’ video of dark gritty New York City for “Design in Malice”. These Nike Dunks could have been an all very black and white as the video is but Jonny of FreakerSneaks gave them a bit more vibrancy with the use of bright turquoise and pink on the heels and toes. The grittiness of the recording was still captured in the portrait of the Philly underground groups member Vinnie Paz on the lateral panel of the right shoe and one of the zombie chicks seen throughout the video. Jonny hand painted lyrics from the rap that were also seen being sprayed in the video on the medial heels.

Checkout the video below to see how well they fit and visit to order your own favorite music video customs.