VIDEO: “Old Ladies” Custom Nike Foamposite

The past few months we have seen the creation of different custom Nike Foamposites using swapped soles from different colorways. This pair of purple eggplant Nike Foamposites have their original clear sole that has been dyed a purple tint. This “tinting” had a little run back around 2005 and 2006 when people were trying to cover up the yellowing of the soles on their Nike Air Jordan XI. Techniques ranged from using food dye to Sharpies to Kool-Aid yet durability of the technique was never really established. This guy supposedly used a machine, though once again the durability of the process was not mentioned. They light purple soles definitely look cool and I somewhat understand the idea of the name he gave them: “Old Ladies”….I think…maybe not…I’m sorry if you wasted all 4 minutes and 37 seconds watching him ramble on though.

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