Vans Red Bull Stratos Custom Shoes by Sloth

Would you go to space if given the opportunity? The company known for the most extreme of extreme stunts, Red Bull, has been working on a project titled Stratos with the goal of breaking the speed of sound. That is a human jumping from a stratospheric balloon freefalling in attempt to break the speed of sound. That guy is Felix Baumgartner known for his expertise in skydiving and BASE jumping who is being led by his predecessor Joe Kittinger who set four world records by freefalling from 102,800 feet in 1960. Earlier this week the project was postponed due to weather, and as of now it appears Sunday October 14th is the next best day. Seriously there is so much more to this project, take 5 minutes to get all the details here:

Known for his signature style of hand painted custom Vans, Timmy Ham aka Sloth was asked by RedBull to make some customs based on the project. The usual look of bold black lines and bright colors transformed this previously all white pair of Vans to Red Bull Stratos sneakers. Red Bull’s repertoire of primary colors cover the shoes with their bull silhouette and sun making a couple appearances along with a space helmet, wing motif, blue skies, “Stratos, and Sloth’s XX. Unique art for a uniquely risky adventure.

Check out more custom sneaker work by Timmy Ham aka Sloth at and follow him and the Red Bull Stratos project on Twitter: @RedBullStratos and @TimmyHam.