Union NYC x Nike Dunk High Challenge looks eerily like C2’s Customs

Hold up. Okay I knoooooooooowwwww Nike created the Air Tech Challenge II many moons ago, well Tinker Hatfield working for Nike for you specifics out there. Of course Nike has every right to use the original designs in new ways and customizers really have zero legal backing to say they made a design first in one of their customs, especially if they are using Nike’s creative elements and Nikes shoes as the base. Though there is a big and obvious “but”.

You have probably seen the recent pics this week of a collaboration between Nike and the shop Union NYC that is a mash up of a Dunk, Air Tech Challenge, and maybe something else. The shoe is kinda creative since it takes design elements of the original Agassi Air Tech Challenge and its black and pink breaking fade print. BUT it was also creative about 4 years ago when c2 customs was inspired by the original Air Tech Challenge in his design on the Nike Air Force 1. Yes, I’ve already stated Nike created the design elements and can do whatever they want. But I would not believe ANYONE involved in this “collabo” if they said they had no idea of c2’s customs. Especially since c2 has made numerous colorways and a pair for one of Nike’s rather upscale account store owners Ty of Leaders1354.

See any resemblance? Hmmm I do. Oh except for the mind blowing aesthetics of the camo liner. Genius.<puking sound> Oh wait, what?</puking sound> Oh yeah, now I feel better.

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