Ultralight Beam Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 by Moonwalker Customs

Just a couple of days ago we shared what a Player Exclusive for Mr. West himself should look like. Now meet a hi-top take by Moonwalker Customs. Taking the Yeezy Boost 750 from all light gray to perfect for the Life of Pablo merch table. The customization was direct and just above minimal taking the orange on burgandy Ultralight Beam shirt’s screen print and applying the look to the back heel panels. In addition to the Ultralight Beam lyric and I Feel Like Pablo, the Cali DeWitt designs were painted to the elastic forefoot straps with Yeezy.

Considering the somewhat randomness of all the TLOP merch’s pop-up shops and the overall d.i.y. aesthetic how much longer before a limited run of custom sneakers make a presence on the shop shelves?

Until then you can be ahead of the game with your own Kanye inspired footwear from Moonwalker Customs by inquiring with them here: Instagram.com/garrett_moon17