Turtle’s Fukijama Air Jordan 1 For Jerry Ferrara by The Shoe Surgeon

Art imitates life. Nearly ten years ago a TV show by the name of Entourage gave the world an insight to a scene not many understood or even knew about. No, not the day to day activities of actors and their friends but more specifically the world of “sneakerheads” and the desire for limited kicks. Turtle, one of the shows main characters played by Jerry Ferrara, figured he could skip the line at sneaker boutique Undefeated without the need to camp out for the limited pair of Nike Air Force 1’s designed by the shows fictional Los Angeles artist Fukijama. Turtle was wrong and did not get the blue sneakers, but his friend and shows main star Vincent Chase pulled some strings and offered a pretty penny for a 1 of 1 AF1 from Fukijama. Now 9 years later, life imitates art.

Now Entourage is a household name with a recently released full length feature film and Jerry Ferrara just received a custom of the current popular sneaker in the look of Turtle’s 1 of 1 from The Shoe Surgeon. As a part of the opening of a new Shoe Palace sneaker store on Melrose Ave in LA, The Shoe Surgeon presented Ferrara this fully reconstructed Air Jordan 1 that takes cues from the shows original 1 of 1 that in real life was made in a small number of samples and designed by Nike’s designer Mark Smith.

At first glance the sneakers appear to be a straight colorswap. The color blocking is much the same with gold chrome paneling against white and black as the original AF1. On this pair Dominic put his Shoe Surgeon spin on the concept amongst the laser engraved graphics including his logo, Srgn, birth year, Charlotte (the city he first used a laser engraver), and “The ride ain’t over” referencing Entourage: The Movie. Amongst that are still Turtle, the Undefeated and Fukijama’s logo. Finishing them off is a fresh wooden box with laser and gold details.

We can be certain this pair of Air Jordan’s is a 1 of 1. But more work and inquiries for your own 1 of 1 from The Shoe Surgeon can be made at: http://www.theshoesurgeon.com/

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The original Turtle Entourage AF1 low via Freshnessmag


My man @theshoesurgeon also did the Turtle Logo on the box. He is BRILLIANT

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