Toxic Leopard Nike Dunk Custom with Dyed Clear Soles by Impeccable

If there ever was a villain made up of a human crossed with a leopard in some toxic waste spill THESE would be his shoes. What started out as an all white patent leather with clear sole Nike Dunk is now known as “Toxic Leopard.” Created by Impeccable Customs these feature the leather upper completely stripped and repainted a mostly a bright green with black used on the tongue, Swoosh and insides. The kicker though are the soles which were dyed a green and black leopard print for quite possibly the first of its kind in the custom sneaker world. A trend that started earlier this year, the dyed clear sole, now accomplished by a few shoe customizers proves NO clear sole is safe. Air Jordan XI Concords look out!

These can be purchased for a limited time from Impeccable Customs via his shop here:

The base Nike Dunk from the “White Pack” before being customized by Impeccable Customs. Via