Toronto Raptor Amir Johnson’s Custom Nike Hurache 2k4

To love others you gotta love yourself first right? So whats wrong about wearing a pair of shoes with your face on them? Well maybe some people think its weird because that is what they expect superstars to do. Not a little known NBA player. But PaintOrThread says props to Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors for enjoying his shoes and job.

Last week during the Raptors season opener Johnson was spotted wearing a pair of custom Nike Huarache 2k4 in red and white with a caricature of himself on the toe boxes. Usually the shoes posted here are of that of a hand made creation. It’s well known that nearly all NBA players have shoes in required to match their jersey. Yet this design is unknown if they were hand painted or more likely laser engraved by Nike. Either way they stand out against most NBA players so called “custom shoes”

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