Tie Dye Custom Nike Air Foamposite Pro by TRZackery

Are Nike Foamposites the new Nike Dunk or Air Force 1? Maybe not yet, but in customizing terms they sure are making the rounds this year. The latest is a Tie Dye Foamposite Pro created by TRZackery aka Terrell Zackery. What started out as the electric blue Foam Pro was meant to be a “South Beach Lebron 8” like colorway custom to spite everyone who thought putting pink laces in this base shoe made them so. Unfortunately the pink dye Terrell put on the clear soles and stitching accents did not turn out bright enough. Though a $180 pair of shoes was not lost, “I got a little pink dye on the blue and thought it looked dope so I decided to apply dye to the entire shoe and then redye the soles black”, says Terrell. Overall the pair took two days to complete, probably 9 hours total, letting the dye sit overnight to dry. Not too bad for an accident. This concept would be cool to see with a bit less dye on the upper..maybe some more intense splatter? The concepts for custom Foamposites seems to still be wide open.

Contact Terrell to commission your own pair via email: trzackery[at]me[dot].com