theMenace Custom Vans Sk8-Hi Selvage Denim X Fully Laced

These custom Selvage Denim Vans Sk8-Hi customized by theMenace in collaboration with Fully Laced and Shuttleloom Denim are quite a beauty.  Denim being used as the main material on shoes was the greatest idea ever, not sure if any company created a denim shoe before some designer at Nike SB back in 2003 but that shoe started a revolution of custom shoes with denim as the main design aspect. But atop that revolution may sit this Selvage Denim pair of Vans from theMenace as a complete decon-recon custom every stitch looks factory sewn, the edges have the perfect amount of fraying and the denim is a beautiful untouched finish looking to get some original one of a kind wear from whoever dawns these kicks. theMenace is limiting these to 6 pairs, complete with Fully Laced laces and gold Fully Laced lace locks. From theMenace:

Simply put, this model is for the denim connoisseurs; the ones who size down, soak and wear their “second skin” religiously. Those with just a few favorite pairs on rotation, the individuals who have reached and often surpass the ever more used ” 6 months no wash ” phrase. Denim is one of, if not the most common and versatile fundamentally basic materials in the world; this marriage of denim and sneaker was inevitable. A collaborative effort, this is Series 1 featuring a classic indigo fully stitched 13.25oz raw denim upper. With light aesthetically hand frayed edges, in theory with the natural bending of the foot as with selvage denim jeans these should fade, honeycomb and whisker as they are worn and aged by the owner. Be sure to take photos after 3 months, 6 months and 1 year worth of wears for your WDYWT post!

Purchase 1 of the 6 pairs of Custom Vans Sk8-Hi Selvage Denim X Fully Laced from theMenace’s Website