The Jetsons Custom Vans Slip On Shoes by Art Kicks

Evan Schultz of Art Kicks loves the old cartoon The Jetsons, but after working on these custom Vans Slip Ons he REALLY loves the television show. Every main character is included in the design Evan drew with markers: George, Jane, and Judy Jetson on the left shoe, Elroy, Rosie, and Astro the Dog on the right shoe, with Mr. Spacely and Cogswell on the back heels. In creating these Evan felt that having perfect line work was not nearly as important as matching the correct colors for each character. He is correct as choosing the wrong colors could easily make them less recognizable, from a distance someone could easily tell these are covered with The Jetsons. I don’t know if you could say the same if Rosie the Robot was pink instead of her classic bluish gray and George Jetson had on purple pants, or Elroy was wearing yellow with green hair.

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