The Goddess of Victory Custom Nike Dunk SB by @JfieldYeo


You have 10+ pairs of Nikes but do you know the inspiration of the brand’s name? With a goal to represent the origin of the brands name J’Field Yeo of MoreThanArtToWear took over a year to create this epically detailed pair of custom Nike Dunk mid SBs. If you have no idea, the name Nike originates in Greek mythology as a goddess who personified victory. Yeo started by by making a custom box featuring the Winged Goddess of Victory painted upon the lid with the inside showing a quote from a previous Nike running campaign “Victory is paid for in sweat, courage, and preparation.”

The main aspect of the shoes themselves are the hand painted upper panels. Wrapping all the way around the shoes, insanely detailed black and gray characters inspired by sculptures and art of war and competition in ancient Greek mythology cover a yellow background. Copper painted heels break up the white panels with red laces to match the already red suede Swooshes. Copper coin lace locks, V for victory tongue tags, and insoles featuring a graphic of the Goddess finish off the attention to detail. Yeo calls them his own accomplishment of determination and perseverance as a personal victory!

These are true 1 of 1 pair of kicks that is more than art to wear but you can contact J’Field for your own custom request at: and follow him on Twitter: @JfieldYeo

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