The Best Twilight Custom Sneakers only from Punk Your Chucks

You have to be living under a rock to have not heard the latest movie of the ongoing Twilight saga, Eclipse was released today. In the custom sneaker world no one is close to creating Twilight sneakers like Mag of Punk Your Chucks. Mag already has an offering of 13 different hand painted designs using Converse Chuck Taylors you can order from his site but could likely make you a complete 1 of 1 design. He has even worked on a custom design for Kimbra Hickey, the women whose now famous hands are on the cover of the books, movie posters, dvds and all over holding the apple. So for all you Twilight obsessed fans out there here is a look at a few of the custom Twilight Converse All Star sneakers from Punk Your Chucks. Ummm how come I never hear anyone saying they are on Team Bella?

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