The Best Fight Club Custom Shoes: Nikes, Vans, Converse

In celebration of a spike in traffic today due to people searching for Fight Club custom shoes and landing on couple of previous posts here is a list of hand-created Fight Club custom shoes from around the Internet. In no particular order, the best 10 pairs found are on the next pages along with info on how to contact each artist. The base shoes used for these customizations range range from Nikes to Keds with designs of Tyler Durden to the infamous pink bars of soap. Which is your favorite?

First up is a pair of Vans Slip Ons customized by Shed’s Designs. The previously all white Vans were painted with the signature pink bar of soap against a dark red background to represent Tyler Durdens red leather jacket. Surrounding the soap are the infamous rules to fight club. Checkout more work from this artist on and Twitter: @ShedDesigns1

Sticking with the slip on style this pair of Keds is by Van-Gogh: Hand Painted Shoes. They feature three black and white portraits of the three main characters: Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, Edward Norton as the unnamed protagonist, and Helena Bonham Carter as Norton’s love interest Marla Singer. Two quotes by Tyler Durden and Edward Norton cover the outside panels. Contact this artist for more work from via:

The slip-on canvas shoe is obviously a popular canvas for customizing. This pair features a different artistic interpretation of the two main characters, Tyler Durden and the unnamed protagonist. In the background different shapes, colors, and images were used to represent different scenes. Follow this artist on Twitter: @QSMAD5

Images via: @DigitalBathtub

Once again the Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s characters are the main focus of this pair of custom Fight Club Chuck Taylors by TadpoleOfDoom. They also added quotes from Norton’s character that complete a really grungy design that fits the theme extremely well. Checkout more work from this artist on their Deviant Art page: TadpoleOfDoom on DA.

This pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars almost did not make the cut just because the pictures are not the best. But because the overall theme stands out from the rest it had to stay. The final scene of the movie was recreated on the tongues of “Jack” and Marla watching the buildings explode in Project Mayhem along with the lyrics to the closing song “Where is my mind?” by the Pixies on the outsides. See more work by this artist on their Deviant Art page:

These Converse by Virulent Apparel were first featured last year here: Fight Club Custom Hand Painted Converse Chuck TaylorsThe design is easily one of the best on the list featuring a real grimy portrait of both main characters and a detailed painting of the Fight Club bar of soap on the tongues. Contact the artist Virulent Apparel on and on Twitter: @Virulentapparel

If you are new to custom shoes this pair is a perfect example of one way to customize. These Fight Club Vans Slip Ons were created essentially in one session by a very talented portrait artist by the name of Matt Cory. The video below shows how he took a blank canvas and created two extremely detailed images of Tyler Durden wearing his funky rose tinted Oliver Peoples sunglasses and a bloody mouthed “Jack” flipping the bird. Contact Matt Cory via or YouTube:

A perfect pair of Fight Club theme kicks has to have blood. Hand painted by Amanda of YoaKustoms she finished these Fight Club Nike Dunks last year. This 1 of 1 custom for a customer commission would turn heads like not many others. The shoes themselves feature a competing theme white versus black, “Jack” vs Duren. Realistic blood covers the uppers with the tongues showcasing the bars of pink soap. Contact YoaKustoms via her site: or Follow her on Twitter: @YoaKustoms

This last pair is in a category all its own. Soulinertia of forums came across a pair of Gucci loafers that looked like the pair Tyler Durden wore in Fight Club. The only difference was the pair worn by Brad Pitt actually had more of a boot sole supposedly to make up for Pitt’s lack of height compared to Edward Norton. These are the icing on the cake for a Tyler Durden costume. Checkout the entire painting process here: Painting Leather Shoes Shoes Fight Club Gucci Experiment

Before being painted:

Vintage Gucci Brown Leather Loafers

After being painted:

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden