The Berrics: Steve Berra and Eric Koston Vans by RNGTN Customs

Art is really about taking a chance and letting the creativity carry your work. One of those chances is exactly what Bradley of RNGTN Customs did with this sweet pair of Vans made as a tribute to two of skateboarding’s biggest names ever, Steve Berra and Eric Koston and co-owners of indoor skatepark The Berrics and most popular skateboarding website of the same name:
[quote]”I have been a fan of the Berrics for over 3 years and because I can’t actually skate I decided to express my gratitude to their content by making them a pair of shoes, as many skaters are sneakerheads on the side! The shoes were then discovered on instagram by Steezus Christ who made me the offer that if I did another pair in his size and sent them to him he would reward me by putting them on display and sending me some Berrics merch as payment. I took this offer and earlier this year I took a trip to LA to visit the park and the guys who run it and they told me that the shoes will be on permanent display on their Wall of Fame of the new Berrics park location that they will switch to at some point later this year.” – Bradley of RNGTN Customs[/quote]
A little bit of luck and good creativity(especially custom shoes) can lead to an amazing experience and story to share the rest of your life. Checkout the video below of the custom Vans in progress and follow @RNGTN on Twitter and subscribe to his channel on for more looks of his custom sneakers.
Steve Berra and Eric Koston Custom Painted Vans (2)
Steve Berra, Steezus Christ, and Eric Koston with the kicks at The Berrics
Steve Berra and Eric Koston Custom Painted Vans (1)