3RCustoms: Custom Tokidoki Nike Dunk

Orlando, Florida based shoe customizer J3ster behind the brand 3R Customs finished these Custom Nike Tokidoki Nike Dunks a few months ago. I’m not too much up on this Japanese streetwear brand, but Tokidoki definitely has a worldwide presence from a quick Google search. 3RCustoms created this decon-recon custom using a signature Tokidoki camo print pattern for a majority of the shoes upper. The camo was accented by a bright red sole, candy apple glitter patent leather swooshes, and red suede liner. My favorite part is probably the detailed red contrast stitching and lining of the edges on the upper. Unfortunately these are a 1 of 1 for 3R Customs personal collection…you’ll have to make your own. Goooood luck with that. Practice first is all I can say.

Maybe 3RCustoms could make you something similar: 3R Customs Website