tM customs: Tie Dye Dunk Low Reconstruction

Shoe companies better look out. 2009 will be the year of the “decon-recon” custom, if we haven’t mentioned that already. There is a good handful or more of people that are giving a few “decon-recon” customizers some much deserved competition. One of those people are theMenace behind tM Customs, and that can easily be seen in his first what he called “simple” reconstruction. Simple?………..Kinda…maybe. Aside from the wild bright colors yes they are simple due to being one fabric. Either way with a few cosmetic structural errors…..not really errors but small mishaps on details that will most likely be erased as tM masters his craft. The potential for great work is on the table for tM in 2009 and beyond. Be sure to visit back here to see his progress.

tM Customs MySpace

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