Interview with Shoe Customizer Nizo of Sweatshop Clothing

Making a splash to the scene while doing what they love is essentially the plan Sweatshop Clothing is following. Aside from that determination they have cool nickname that is a play on the clothing industries most negative problem over the last 15 years. So enough typing here is the story behind Sweatshop Clothing.

1. Please give your name, age, where you are from and or grew up?

Nizos, 27, living in Cincinnati now, but grew up in Anderson, Indiana. Sweatshop Clothing is a duo, and I’d imagine if Kirk (the other half) was here, he’d say “old enough and I came from the streets”.

2. What, if any, art based education have you had?

Formal training? I didn’t learn to paint wearing a tuxedo if that is what you’re asking, hahaha. No formal training.

3.When did you start and what got you into customizing?

I cranked out my 1st pair of kicks in early ‘07, had been painting for a while, gifts and things for myself. I’ve always had a great love for sneakers hood sh!t in general. I had no idea there was a whole customizing culture out there until mid 08, and was very excited to see all the information being exchanged….I read a lot and keep up with forums like ISS, it’s a real wealth of knowledge.

4. Is customizing a full time gig? If not what pays the bills?

Full time gig, I haven’t had a job for a long time, I’ve always been the type of cat who’d rather get paid of his own ingenuity then put on a monkey suit and take orders from some chump. Not that I advocate it, but it’s a reality….can’t sell dope forever, now I push dope kicks & clothing.