GourmetKickz: Before HeRose Custom AF1 Low

Latest from Gourmet Kickz, in Chef’s words:

The “Before He Rose” concept is a play on words. The meaning behind the title stems from the idea that before there were any icons classified as heroes, there was the son of GOD. When looking at HIS sacrifice and what HE did for the children of GOD, he is in fact the first hero on earth. The duality of the title comes into play here as J.C. in fact rose from the dead after his crucifixion. So the title stands for the statement: Before there were heroes on Earth, HE rose from the dead for us. The reference to J.C. is brought to life on these beautiful customs with the unique imagery on the fabric. As you can see a central figure is adorned by a crown of roses, and is flanked by two other damned souls. One could easily speculate that the central figure represents J.C. after his death, now wearing a crown of roses rather than thorns. The flanking souls could represent the two men that died alongside J.C. for whom HE asked forgiveness before their passing.

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