3R Customs: 3R Blazer Mid Premium

We saw these a bit earlier….as we know the  access code to 3R Customs VIP section. Yeah PaintorThread is special, be jealous, we got K’NEX-ions. The stitched 3R logo is down right beautiful. Here is the low down on these from Sole Jest3r himself:

I’ve had this idea for a Nike Blazer since the opening of Sole Bar in LA when the white perforated Blazers released. I originally wanted to do an all white Blazer with the 3R logo lasered onto the large upper panel, but I sidetracked the idea for awhile and it finally came to fruition, but better than I had imagined!

Thanks to my cool fabric guys for the hook-up as always, I was able to upgrade the idea by adding a barrage of 3M! This particular 1 of 1 for my personal collection features white 3M on most of the upper with a blue 3M trim along the midsole and lacestays. Silver 3M on the toe cap as well as the back piece with my “JESTER” tag. Black 3M on the heel wrapped with my signature red ribbon. The tongue is checkerboard contrast stitched nylon with extra height to give it that extra pop and the 3R logo is done in a white-to-black lenticular and features a stingray swoosh!

3R Customs Website

3R – Digicamo Con AllStar

Jest3r of 3R customs probably has more digi camo fabric laying around his desk than most military surplus stores. Maybe not that much but close. Jest3r is revisiting his previous use of digi camo  on the Nike Air 180 by using it on some Chuck Taylors and Dunks. We are going to showcase the Converse Chuck Taylors alone just because its the first time we have ever heard of a “decon-recon” of a Chuck Taylor. Digicamo upper, white midsole, and orange reflective material in replace of the white rubber toes. Gorgeous.

3R Customs Website