Nike Air Max LeBron VII Artist Series: Shenyang Ray Lei

Here is the second pair from the China trip and 5th pair overall of the Nike Lebron World Tour 2009 . I’d imagine after his career is over Bron Bron will have a collection that only rivals that of Mr. Air Jordan. Just imagine the 1 of 1s. Via

As LeBron’s  More Than A Game World Tour continues, venturing off Akron, Ohio and heads onto the other side of the globe, landing in one of the world’s oldest capitals, Beijing, and now Shengyang, the fifth pair of the  Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) Artist Series is unveiled. The unique, one-off sneaker from this leg of the global tour is created by local artist, Ray Lei, as we had previously introduced in a preview.

With each pair of Artist Series kicks representing the city artistically, Ray Lei tapped into the Chinese cultural stronghold of loyalty and bravery with images of Chinese warriors. To tie in the theme of loyalty with the MVP himself, Ray Lei incorporated elements close to LeBron such as green color to represent his high school team at St. Vincent St. Mary, “23″ for his loyalty to Cavaliers, and “330″ (the area code for Akron, Ohio) for his hometown.

Adding more local elements into the shoes illustrated in a playful style, Ray Lei dressed the shoe upper in water and clouds, which were frequent motifs on uniforms of the Qing Dynasty. The city flower, roses were added to pay tribute to the city, as well as fog patterns that are crucial to Chinese tales of mythical battle where battalions emerged from fog for victory.

Take a closer look at the kicks designed by the young 22 year-old graduate of Tsinghua University’s Academy of Art and Design. Sadly, since these kicks are one-off, if you want them, you might actually have to take that matter up with LeBron.