emmanueLabor: “Real Unoriginal” aka Kaws & Effect Dunks

The media attention U.S. artist “Kaws” is getting right now is insane. But that is an extremely important fact, visual arts have seemed to have taken a dip in mainstream exposure the past ten years or so due to the increase in the media’s attention to “other” current events. This past year has seen more artists in the news such as Kaws and Shepard Fairey, which is great to spread word of actual skilled artists considering how many things are created on computers in this time. Yet  certain “cool” people complain when the mainstream gets hooked on certain “underground hidden secrets”. Why limit exposure to only the underground and “those in the know”? Why sell yourself short by not sharing your work as much as possible? This is planet Earth, art and all subjects should be able to be experienced by anyone who wishes. What does that have to do with these shoes by emmanueLabor? Everything.

Kaws started out as someone that is now known as being a graffiti artist. From those beginnings he educated himself, went to school, and took his skills and ideas to create the empire of art, products, and work we see today. These same opportunities are there for any person with a true passion for customizing sneakers. PaintorThread will be doing our part to help out any customizer that wants to reach the top, all while recognizing how this hobby started and grew over the past 10 years. EmmanueLabor is one perfect example of someone with the passion and respect for the hobby. That is the reason we frequently post his work. Enough talk, on to the shoes.

EL’s design is based off of Kaws’ release last year of denim with glow in the dark accents. The back panels, laces, and stitching all glow. Allowing EL’s placement of the Kaws artwork on the back panels to stick out in the dark.

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