Perforated Perfection

There is a guy in the UK who goes by Ghettrocentricity. If you have not heard of him, shame on you. Let’s fix that. For some reason one of the coolest fabrics to is perforated leather. Its just amazing how evenly spaced and sized the little holes are made. Now suede is just as cool, and Ghettrocentricity proved that with his recent New Balance 576 customs. The changes to these are so subtle only an New Balance aficionado would even have a chance of noticing the additions. The shoes started with the perforated suede on toeboxs and back ankles and 3M Scotchlite around the Ns. After Ghettro got through with them they had added Scotchlite on the back ankles and red perforated suede on the entire tongues and Ns. Simple and subtle but extremely amazing. No paint was used. Ghettro only used his deconstructing and reconstructing abilities to make a shoe a tad more original for a New Balance fan. And……..monotone shoes…a.k.a. all one color are the best shoes.

Ghettrocentricity’s Website

Before and more after pics after the jump!