Madd Rhythms by Swaves

An acronym thrown around often at the PaintOrThread office is to try and K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple Stupid. That is exactly what new customizer Swaves might have had in mind when he created the recent Madd Rhythms Nike Dunk high for The Madd Rhythms tap dance company out of Chicago. Even though it is obvious to tell which base shoe Swaves used they are definitely one of a kind for the dancer they were made for, who goes by “Cake Daddy”. Swaves made a great replication of the Madd Rhythms logo of three figures tap dancing on the lateral and medial mid panels of both shoes. My favorite part though of these shoes is probably how the toe boxes are both painted to look like the bottom of tap shoes with the grey metal and screws. Young customizers take note, a custom does not need to be flashy with popular characters, neon colors, Scotchlite reflective material, or clear vinyl to be a great custom. So when in doubt K.I.S.S.

For more info check Swaves’: MySpace

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