ELNA: Customized Nike Dunk Lo & Hi

I’m telling you find a distinct style and you will get some attention, do not be all over the place. Be recognizable. New names are popping up everyday, but would you call someone a shoe customizer if they’ve only done a handful of pairs? I say no, you should have to have at least a portfolio of 10 or more designs. Yet if you have the creative skills to create only a few pairs and have the right person see them you might be going places with your work. That seems to be the case for ELNA or maybe the fact that he has years of work on other mediums. ELNA, a graphic designer out Israel created a broadcast design project for Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, a mix medium short that showcased 3 custom Nike Dunks he made, intended to be a commercial for Nike Israel. Stay tuned to see what more comes of this project. It’s really hard to say if Nike is in fact involved, but at the least, anything with Nike involving themselves in the custom sneaker culture is good to see.

Via FreshnessMag.com


Out of Israel, yes Israel customizing is a global phenomenom a sort of DXC but for customs took place for the first time. Here is more info from Nouveau Riche Dog:

Shoofuni is Israel’s first shoe designer event, think of a dunkxchange just with shoe designers. We had a booth, showcasing our customs and offring them for sale. I had a working station with a sewing machine and other bits and bobs. We also did a special pair of dunks@ the event, with 24 karat gold leafs and special patteren leather.

Nouveau Riche Dog’s Website