Dannys Custom Shoes: Ghetto Divison DJs Custom Nike Dunk

Illinois based shoe customizer Dannys Custom Shoes created these for member of a group of DJs out of Chicago by the name of “Ghetto Division”, this specific DJ goes by the name D-51 as you can see on the toes. Nothing earth shattering or crazy with this design from the growing shoe customizer but a good progress as all the lettering is done free-hand. This took a considerable amount of skill and patience, and whether your shoes tell people to obey the beat or visit www.partypoker.com, it’s likely you’ll enjoy the lettering and incorporation of the design into the existing look of the shoe. The colors are an interesting combination of blue, black, white, yellow, purple, and pink especially with the graphics of the handguns.  The chosen color blocking may be questionable to most, but I would say it goes well as the purpose of making this shoe is to stand out and have something no other person has.

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