Sneakercon NYC Photo Recap: Customs Edition

Sneaker conventions are one of the most highly anticipated events in today’s sneaker culture. Hundreds of sneakerheads young and old (but mostly really young) come together in a large open space to buy, sell, trade, and gawk at sneakers and sneaker-related apparel. SneakerCon is one of the largest and most well-known conventions, traveling to various cities around the country multiple times a year. The lines are long, it’s loud and hot, and it’s amazing!

When you go to a sneaker convention, ain’t no half-steppin’. People go to stunt and to watch others stunt with rare and expensive Player Exclusives, samples, super duper hyperstrikes, and of course, customs. When the cameras start flashing or when a cutie is checking you out, you don’t want your shoe game to be sub par, do you?