Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Custom Slip On Shoes

These crazy detailed custom slip on shoes with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast theme were made by wenuwishuponastar on DeviantArt.com. The images she used are the stained glass designs from opening and closing sequences from the classic Disney fairytale animation.  Using nothing more than some acrylic paint and a black Sharpie she was worried about messing up so she used a $10 pair of canvas slip ons from Wal-Mart instead of a more expensive pair of Vans. I’d say she is just fine using a pair of Vans next time, as these $10 canvas slip ons are now worth at least $200.

wenuwishuponastar’s DeviantArt.com profile


AKKUSTOMZ: Custom Disney’s Aladdin Nike Air Force 1

If you have read most of PaintorThread’s posts you would probably realize custom shoes like this do not get very much love and attention. These Disney Aladdin Nike Air Force Ones by AKKUSTOMZ are worthy of some attention though. With the Genie and Aladdin on the toes airbrushed and hand painted, and small movie scenes on the back panels. It is a bit hard to tell if the back is painted or a sort of printed on fabric, I assume the latter, either way it looks good. Not overdone, though not something everyone could wear.

TRAGIKkicks – “MICKEY MOUSE” Disney Nike Air Force 1

Subtlety is a definite on these “Mickey Mouse” Nike Air Force 1 by TRAGIKkicks. They have great placement of Mickey Mouses design elements without actually having the characters face on the shoe. The red shorts, white buttons, yellow shoes, white gloves, peach face, and black ears. Even Minnie Mouse’s polka dots on the medial swooshes.

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