Sole Brother: Social Media Giant Digg AF1

Back in November customizer Sole Brother got a great opportunity to make a run of 6 pairs based off the website you don’t know what that is….wow…check it!) The result was a extremely clean design with glow in the dark capabilities. More from Sole Brother:

When Matt Van Horn of Digg (the world’s largest social news website) came to me looking for unique custom shoes, needless to say I was thrilled! I’ve been a long time Digg user, and I definitely couldn’t pass up a chance to create some exclusive custom kicks for them. The custom Air Force Ones feature a spiffy Digg color scheme, and a cool glow-in-the-dark “Digg” pattern.  I produced 5 pairs of Limited Edition sneakers for the Digg staff and 1 pair for myself.The founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, and CEO Jay Adelson were gracious enough to sign my pair.Here’s what I designed:

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