Custom Converse All Star Sneaker Trousers by Sebastian Errazuriz

Somedays I just wish I could get dressed faster and just have my shoes and jeans be one piece, I honestly think I’d be on time more. Seabastian Errazuriz an artist, creative designer, or whatever you call people that make things these days may have solved that problem. Errazuriz made these “Sneaker Trousers” taking a pair of Coverse Chuck Taylor All Stars and combining them with fresh pair of denim blue jeans. Gimme these in overall form, white t shirt, and pair of Fruit of the Looms and I’m good.

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AKALAZY Nike Air Force 1 Jailbreaker (Series IV) for DJ Clark Kent

Stained, ripped, faded denim and all. Lazy recreated his Jailbreaker Dunks onto an Nike Air Force 1 too near perfection. Only thing I would change is the recreating of the Nike heel tab with yellow embroidery instead of black and they’d be perfect.  The customer was someone with many pairs of Air Force 1s. Who, for some reason gets credit for having so many, like ok would not most sneaker fans have a bunch of Air Forces if they had the same amount of money to waste on shoes too? I’m sure he gets free ones from Nike too while the consumer gets nothing and a chance to pair 3 times retail for their own colorway. Basic capitalism.

Anywho these are definitely one of the better parts of that dudes collection now.

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