You gotta start someplace……

2009 is probably gonna be the year of deconstructing and reconstructing in custom shoes. You have some dudes already at the top: Sharp020, 3RCustoms, Hypethetic, an Hush. All who have inspired the rest, one in particular is Twitch Customs. Twitch just posted up his first attempt at a “decon-recon” on the Sole Collector Forums. Hours upon hours using the sewing awl came out with a result that despite its misshaped, upper is actually kinda cool looking. They kinda remind me of the recent Coraline Dunks from Nike to promote the new movie with all the enlarged stitching. Yes the big stitching looks nothing like the released counterparts but it has a home-made and vintage feel to it that is kinda cool. Looks aside this was definitely a learning experience for Twitch who has already worked to put his name on the map with his painted designs. Take this as inspiration to set aside some time and start your own “recon-decon”

Twitch first recon-decon
Twitch first "recon-decon"

Step by step pics after the jump!