Sekure D: Globe Mace Hi

In December 2008 Australian customizer Sekure D saw one of his creations released again, but this time in mass quantities. These were not any Sekure D custom but in a way they kind of are. Skateboarding shoe company Globe worked with Sekure D last year to release his first work with an actual company. Globe has been in pursuit of collaborating with artists, musicians, DJs, and bands and Sekure D’s work to them was “truly of the moment, original and representative of where street art is headed.” Without a doubt Sekure D used that opportunity to stay true to his style while maintaining a very detailed and wearable sneaker. The upper has a contrasting red and black splatter pattern along with Sekure D’s original pavement/concrete and graffiti line patterns in grey, white, and black. The pair is complete with Sekure D’s logo, patterned insoles, and clear soles. You can now add Sekure to the list of customizers who have somewhat “made it” by having their work mass produced in a collaboration with a sneaker company. If you want that Sekure D style without having to shell out the big bucks this pair is perfect and still available. Check our links to Globe or Sekure D’s website:

Globe’s Website

Sekure D’s Website

Globe Mace HI: Sekure D
Globe Mace HI: Sekure D

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