PimpMyKicks.com: The Joker Nike Air Force 1 ROUND 2

Back in April we had a post about one of the better Joker custom sneakers made by PimpMyKicks.com. In case you were wondering I’ve uncovered a bit information about the artist. Going by JRow of “Born2Shine” customs and PimpMyKicks.com from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania he has created another Joker Nike Air Force 1 mid custom. Slightly toned down but still intense. The first pair had a few versions of the Joker’s image but this pair is directed more towards the Dark Knight Heath Ledger Joker of last summer. Using a palette of Joker inspired colors: purple, red, yellow, turquoise and orange JRow added details such as playing cards suits, the “hahahahah”, and “Why so serious?” in blood red. This time JRow even had fellow artist Malcolm Majiq Hamer make a matching pair of heels, cause girls like Dark Knight too.

Born2Shine’s MySpace