Nike Air Max LeBron VII Artist Series: Beijing Le Quiqui

Lucky Freshnessmag has been able to keep up with the entire Lebron World Tour by Nike and now they are making the way through China. Once again via

Stopping on its first leg in the Middle Kingdom for his More Than A Game World Tour,, NBA’s Most Valuable Player for 2009, LeBron James, was not only greeted by raucous Chinese basketball fans, but a special one-of-one Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) bearing his name by artist Le Quiqui.

Though only 28 years old, Le Quiqui is already considered a veteran in rapidly growing art community of Beijing. Having worked on a multitude of projects, he’s well versed in mediums and themes, from animation, graffiti, to skateboard graphics, and traditional designs.

Homage of tradition, Le Quiqui sketched in the Si He Courtyard, an architectural style that dominated this ancient city for centuries past. In selecting a reddish hue and gold accents, both as representations of good fortune and the Sun, a symbol of vast power. Of course, as much as it is about tradition, the design is also about LeBron James. 2 stone lions, long a signature of James, are incorporated into the graphics. And finally, a gesture of invincibility as Le Quiqui added on “2 eyes” on the heel, so the MVP could have full view of his surrounding both on and off the court.