BlackYard: Meat is Neat Nike Air Force 1

In a recent post about Revive Customs, who used a “muscle tissue” pattern in his custom Hell Raiser Nike Dunks, I said the muscle tissue alone would be cool to have all over a shoe. Well here you go they were just made: Created during the Art Clash 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland by illustration and graphic design group BlackYard. Titled “Meat is Neat” they used the design of a butcher’s meat cutting chart on one shoe and the muscle tissue on the other. As well they made an actual butcher’s meat chart of the Nike Air Force 1 that is distressed and brown looking like it came right from a butcher’s shop. The laces even are a red and white twine a butcher would use to tie up an order of meat. Awesome! Check back tomorrow for more customs made at the 2009 Art Clash.

BlackYard’s Website

Meat is Neat Nike Air Force 1 4