T.Way Customs: Golden Birthday Nike Dunk Customs

T.Way Customs finished these Golden Birthday Nike Dunk Customs way back in February. What I love about custom sneakers is how personal of a gift they really can be, this pair is the perfect example. T.Way made them for his girlfriend who turned 21 on the 21st day of the month, for her “Golden Birthday”, the birthday in which ones age is the same as the days number they were born on. The white Nike Dunk high was hand painted with inside jokes between the couple in addition to a speckle and star pattern all in a bright gold. Every angle of the shoe is a unique phrase and or graphic in T.Way’s signature extremely perfect detailed random text. Small chance they’ll ever be worn though as T.Way presented them in a nice custom built display case. Not many other gifts can be made so personal, custom sneakers, the perfect gift?

Visit T.Way’s blog to contact him for your own custom sneakers to give as a personalized gift