How to Submit Your Custom Sneakers to


With the advent of mobile technology the ability to share your latest custom sneakers with people all over the world is only a few taps away via your latest smart phone. But convenience does not mean that is the best way to get your work out there. To showcase your custom sneaker creations amongst the greatest customizers and thousands of potential customers on submit your work following these guidelines…..

Email the following information to contact[at]paintorthread[dot]com:

1. Customizer name: What do you go by or title you want to represent creator(s) of the work.

2. Title/name of pair: One pair per email. Multiple un-releated designs in one email will be ignored.

3. Background info: Why you made them? Who they are for? How the project came about? Inspiration? Amount of time spent on the design? What base shoe was used(i.e. the before customizing colorway)? The more you can share the easier we can spread your work!

4. Photos: 3 to 8 different angles at a width of 720px or wider. PLEASE, NO INSTAGRAM FILTERS. Do your work a favor and spend 10 minutes to find or make an uncluttered background. Pictures taken on places like your car hood, front porch, kitchen stove, bathroom sink, or bed will be ignored. If you want customers treat your photos like you are a professional. Still unsure what we mean by professional? Check what the images look like that we post! For every 1 hour spent on the customizing should be at least 10 minutes on taking and editing images. Videos are welcome too!

5. Contact info: Where you want us to send potential customers, followers, or fans. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, a website, Instagram, etc.

6. How to Buy? Are they for sale somewhere? Taking orders for the design? Or are they a 1 of 1 never to be made again?

7. Lastly the work has to be excellent: Does it look like it came from the factory? Paint not on lining or midsoles it is not meant to be on, straight stitching, no brush marks, cleanly painted lines. If you submit and your work does not get posted…..make it better! We have a level of quality that must be met unlike other blogs dedicated to sneakers.

Things we like to see: close up photos, customs AFTER being worn, unique back stories, anything NOT a color swap, more originality the better, things related to the custom sneaker scene that may not exactly be a pair of custom shoes i.e. workspace photos, tips, events, contests, unique stories, publicity outside the “sneaker world” such as TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. EVEN if it isn’t related to your custom brand let us know of something we may have missed! AND shoelaces take 5 minutes to relace the shoes no matter how amazing the work any customs missing laces will be sent back and asked to have photos with laces.

Thank you,

Brandon Laskowski

Founder of PaintOrThread