Stance High: A New Vinyl Toy Sneaker for Artists and Designers

In the past few years the vinyl toy scene has crept its way into the custom shoe world. Prime examples are shoe customizers like Ecentrick Artistry and Sab One who have customized blank vinyl toys to match their custom shoes or YoaKustoms who created a run of custom shoes in collaboration with vinyl toy artist Sket-One. That crossover of the sneakers and vinyl toys is only going to grow with the introduction of Stance and their line of unique designer toys that in their words “connect the art and creativity of the customizable toy community with the passion and emotion of the sneaker culture.” The first model is the Stance High which is a vinyl silhouette of a generic high top sneaker which retails at $25. This opens a new door for people to artistically re-create their favorite sneakers, have a unique addition to a pair of custom shoes, or allows footwear designers a simple 3D model to plan their design.

You can purchase the Stance High at