South Beach X Doernbecher Nike Foamposite Custom by SmoothTip


One of the hardest parts of customizing sneakers is recreating an already well known pattern to exact specifications. The more popular the pattern or print the more noticeable a lackluster attempt tends to be realized. A customizer who is one of the best when it comes to recreating a look is Roberto Maymi aka SmoothTip. In sort of a personal challenge he set out to see if he could recreate the recent Nike Foamposite release designed by Elijah Diggins as part of the Doernbecher program by Nike. The results are a convincing yes!

The inspiring design by Diggins is the mostly red and black look featured below whose pattern and colorway were a tribute to his favorite athlete Lebron James. With that in mind the most popular and hyped colorway of the Lebron James Nike line makes perfect sense for an alternate version of this Foamposite. That colorway is of course the infamous South Beach, filament green and pink flash.  What started out as the all white Foam was completely changed starting with a black dyed sole. Next the lining, heel tabs, eyelet panels, tongues, and ankle areas were painted a respective South Beach color combo. Lastly and most notably the goal of the project was matched as SmoothTip flexed his airbrushing skills to remake the abstract look of an slow shuttered LED photograph across the upper in in black and filament.

These are a 1 of 1 but you can contact Roberto for your own customization via his site:

The inspiration, image via Nike


doernbecher-south-beach-nike-foamposite-smoothtip-2 doernbecher-south-beach-nike-foamposite-smoothtip-3 doernbecher-south-beach-nike-foamposite-smoothtip-4 doernbecher-south-beach-nike-foamposite-smoothtip-5