Sole Junkie x The Fresh Yard x NVRBRKN 23k Gold Customs

This latest pair from San Diego, California based shoe customizer Sole Junkie is a perfect example of small changes that can give a shoe a whole new life. Sole Junkie created these for a streetwear boutique in San Diego called The Fresh Yard to celebrate their 1 year anniversary this past weekend. Using a logo-less shoe by the brand NVRBRKN that releases in 2012, a new division of DC Shoes, Sole Junkie’s concept was never quitting, always staying fresh and true to one’s style. He started with The Fresh Yard’s logos on the outer upper heels. Next graphics of broken glass were used to represent the setbacks that might make giving up an option along with the words STAY FRESH and NEVER QUIT on the upper heels. What is unique about this pair is how the graphics were created though a gilding process with 23k gold leafing, not paint, a technique Sole Junkie has become known for. Luxury custom sneakers.

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Photos below by: Mike Sumoto