I Am Not A Sneakerhead Custom Nike Dunks by Lazy

Due to some mainstream media attention and outright weird quirks the term “sneakerhead” over the years has become a term many sneaker fans have chosen to distance themselves from. In fact a group in Taiwan even named their entity “I Am Not A Sneakerhead” for likely the same reasons. A couple months ago a customizer we haven’t seen much from in recent years by the name of Lazy worked on a couple pairs of Nike Dunks for the group.

The two pairs feature a mostly black motif upon the toes, tongues and eyestays with highlights of red and green. Each of their back heels are made up of Lazy’s signature style of the panels being covered in a denim overlay. This time though they are made up of patches and the groups name has been embroidered. Next all the mid panels were airbrushed with a pattern in the style of glowing smoke. A final Lazy tag adds a bit of branding against the black background.

More work from Lazy can be seen at AkaLazy.com and by following him on Instagram: @AkaLazy

not-a-sneakerhead-custom-Nike-Dunk-akalazy-2 not-a-sneakerhead-custom-Nike-Dunk-akalazy-6 not-a-sneakerhead-custom-Nike-Dunk-akalazy-7 not-a-sneakerhead-custom-Nike-Dunk-akalazy-8 not-a-sneakerhead-custom-Nike-Dunk-akalazy-9 not-a-sneakerhead-custom-Nike-Dunk-akalazy-110