ATTENTION Sneaker Artists: Get Featured in Upcoming Book “KICKS ARE ME”

I received this email a recently about an book that is being written: KICKS ARE ME So here is your chance to get a feature. Looks like space is limited so answer the following questions ASAP and send them to [email protected] and follow them on Twitter for more info:!/ILive4Kicks

ARTISTIC SOLES is a chapter in an upcoming book (KICKS ARE ME) that pays homage to all the creative individuals; artist, sculptors, graffiti artist, animators, customizers and graphic designers who use the sneaker as a canvas to express their creativity. Each individual that is chosen will receive a two page spread in the upcoming book displaying their talents and a brief story on their love for kicks. The following questions are to be answered:


1.Name, Age, Hometown

2.Why sneakers? Why did you decide to use sneakers as a canvas to display your artistic creativity? Tell a brief story about you love for kicks

3.How long have you been actively participating in the arts
4.What form of art do you use the most (painting, sculpting, graffiti, graphic designers and more)
5.If you own a company a brief  bio on your company and its mission along with your logo and website domain
6.Include and not limited as many pictures of your works of art! Please also include a picture of you creating an original piece. Feel free to add as many pictures as possible to be featured in your two page spread
7.What does art mean to you?
*feel free to include as much information about you and your artwork as possible*


1.Why sneakers? Why did you decide to use sneakers as a canvas to display your artistic creativity?

2.What materials do you use to customize your sneakers?
3.What is your favorite sneaker to customize? (Example: Nike Dunks, Air Force 1’s ect.)
4.What is one hardship you face using sneakers as a canvas?
5.What are something’s you want people to know about the sneaker customizing community?
6.How long have you been customizing?
7.Your name, age, hometown & contact information
8.Please include a picture of you customizing sneakers and your top five works of art that will be included with your responses! (The creative you are the better! You can add displays to further interpret your artwork) Each Customizer will have a 2 page spread in this upcoming project, so please be creative!

ONLY 15 artist from around the nation will be featured!

Please answer these questions as if you are telling a story and please be creative as possible. The more pictures you include of your artwork the better your two page layout can be featured! If there are any questions please email me and send your responses and pictures to [email protected] and follow me on twitter @ILive4Kicks