Snakeskin on shoes is hard to mess up

Somehow, someway, snakeskin almost always looks good on shoes. Yet Nike definitely has messed up a few times especially on womens releases, while adidas almost always has snakeskin looking good. But what about customizers? Usually they know how to make it right. That is what lakebay2 of the NikeTalk Sneaker Art Forum recently finished up: a pair of Dunks with two different kinds of snakeskin that work. Though do not get too excited PETA members the skin appears to be faux, as in not real, man made to appear like snakeskin. Using brown in and black on the entire upper is accented by a bright yellow and green. Plus in the dark you can see the laces and stitching glow a bright green to go with the sole. The tongue tags are pretty sweet too saying: Bite Me.

More pics after the jump!