Slip-Offs Custom Designed shoes by Shauna Mae Luedtke

One of the commandments of customizing success is finding a niche. Slip-Offs created by Shaun Mae Luedtke of Canada is a perfect example of finding a niche and making oneself successful. Shauna works pretty much only on canvas slip ons, which is how her name is another great example of branding and marketing. The brand of choice are Vans slip ons but she also has worked on other canvas shoes such as Converse Chuck Taylors. Her designs have ranged from Darth Vader and Yoda to bacon and eggs to Ellen Degeneres’ Mama. With a range of designs like that its obvious that Shauna’s design abilities are almost endless or whatever you could come up with. Another great feature is that her work is rather affordable, the total price is $180 per design and she provides the shoes. So if you are looking for high quality, original custom for a decent price definitely check out Shauna’s website.

Slip-Offs Website