Siberian Tiger Custom Nike Air Force 1 by @EcentrikShoeArt

Custom sneaker themes are running wild over at Ecentrik Artistry. The latest animal inspired kicks from Elom of Ecentrik are these cunning Siberian Tiger Nike Air Force 1 lows. A previously all white AF1 was transformed with the painting of black stripes on golden orange to mimic the look of the largest living cat: the endangered Siberian Tiger. Fronts of the lace panel and toes were kept white for the look of the big cats’ underbelly. Lastly two green eyes were painted on the lateral swooshes to complete the tiger look. An awesome pair of kicks for anyone that loves this orange and black striped felid.

Available for order in mens and womens sizes from Ecentrik via his online shop at: Be sure to follow him on Twitter too: @EcentrikShoeArt