Shogun adidas Yeezy Boost Custom by Ceezemc

Ceeze took the Japanese military Shogun look to these adidas Yeezy Boosts. One attractive apsect of customizing sneakers is the ability to have a pair of sneakers that is all your own. Taking on almost whatever popular model you like you can find an artist able to customize a pair of kicks that fits your personality and style. As a recent order, Ceezemc completed a request from a customer in Bahrain. After a conversation with his client, Ceezemc the two came to a conclusion based on his family, who he was and what inspired him. The result are these Shogun themed Yeezys.

According to Ceezemc, “Inspired by the culture of early modern Japan, these “Shogun” Yeezys showcase our expression of family, honor and strength across both shoes. We took the traditionally white upper of the “Cream Yeezys” and added imagery that could bring you back to the battlefields of Nagashino.

The inner side of the right shoe has been ordained with teeth from the traditional Oni mask; the outer depicts a katana piercing through a skull and a cherry blossom tree on fire. The left shoe has a simpler design, playing on the imagery of Imperial Japan with the rising sun and the symbol for strength at its core. “

If you are looking to create a custom based on your own personality be sure to ask for this much detail.

More work from Ceezemc can be seen on his site: and follow him on Instagram for his latest masterpiece: @Ceezemc

Shogun Yeezy Boost Custom Shogun Yeezy Boost Custom Shogun Yeezy Boost Custom