The Shoe Surgeon Gave the Nike Lebron 2 A Gold Life

The Nike Lebron 2 is arguably the most Lebron-esq Lebron sneaker that we have yet to see. Los Angeles based, sneaker re-worker, The Shoe Surgeon took the over 12-year-old model to new heights with a completely new finish. Nike’s Zoom Lebron II released in the black and maroon for a measley $125 in 2004. Over a decade later this custom stands as a tribute to Lebron and his legacy that is yet to be finished.

What began as an all black upper was deconstructed in the Shoe Surgeon Studios. Out of the unattached pieces a new pattern was copied and cut from a premium metallic gold leather. Before being put back together with contrasting red stitching hits of the laser was used to engrave various graphics from the Surgeon, Lebron James, the NBA, and Nike. A stated price of $3,500 was the total charged to bring this custom to reality. Complete with vintage looking color added to the white hits of the sole.

As we’ve yet to see the Nike Lebron II retroed, could you expect Nike to go this route or will they keep a look like this up to the world of custom sneakers?

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