Shoe Customizers on Twitter You Should Be Following

So you are on Twitter and you are obsessed with shoes or are a self proclaimed “sneakerhead”? Then answer me why are you not following each and everyone of these shoe customizers, 87 in total? I suggest you start following the likes of @Diversitile @emmanueLabor @C2Customs @3RCustoms @ReviveCustoms@PattersonArt @QustomQueen @IamTheMenace @MyTies and more. I could go on but I think I’ll ask you to follow each one individually over the next few months.

If you cannot wait that long take a minute to easily follow them all or individually here: Twitter Shoe Customizer List, just go through and click the green “+” logo of each profile. Or if you are a customizer and you aren’t on the list leave a comment or give me a reply @PaintOrThread.

Also every time you tweet something related to custom shoes use the hashtag: #customshoes