Sharp020: Custom Nike Air Jordan 1 Carbon Fiber

Last week I posted up a Nike Dunk low by Florida based shoe customizer Sharp020. Once again Sharp020, who exclusively works with “decon-recon” custom shoes created a design based on his original project concept with but this time on a Nike Air Jordan 1. Sharp020 came back with the kelly green accents and sun burst mid panels but for the first time he used a real suede as opposed to the sythetic suede he used on his shoes before. As if the suede was not enough, carbon fiber textured material was used to give the back uppers a bit more detail to go with the contrasted green stitching against black and silver panels. The end result is a super sleek futuristic look at one of the most classic timeless sneakers of all time, something the original company Nike Jordan Brand has trouble creating. Good work Sharp020. (hands clapping)

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